“Indigenous In Mexico”.

Traveling around the world can lead you to many interesting places and people, there is  many indigenous people that live in Mexico. I would love to travel to some parts of Mexico to learn more about some indigenous groups, I was born and raced in Mexico and when I was little in elementary school I learned what I know now about indigenous groups, which Is not a lot, and I am sure I have some of their blood in some how they are my ancestors. I would like to learn how each group communicate, what rules they had, what did they believe in. what were their roles and who choose those roles, what was their purpose of doing what they do, what made them be how they were, what do they eat, where do they live, how they race their children, and why is it the society doesn’t want them. There is so many  indigenous as of today even though with the years and modernism their population has been decreasing since in many places they are not acceptable by society today.

Some groups I would like to research about are the Nahuatls who live in various states in Mexico like Durango, Veracruz, Jalisco and others. Nahuatls established an empire in Mexico that was taken by Cortez. A single story is,Nahuatls were savage without principles. Another single story is, Nahuatls are ignorant and stupid.

The Mayas are another indigenous group in Mexico in Yucatan, Mexico city mainly in central Mexico and central America. Mayans founded Mesoamerican Empire building big cities. A single story is Mayans Develop the Calendar, used mathematics and Astronomy. Another single story is ,Mayas practice witch crafting and abusive rituals.

The Mixtec’s are another indigenous group in Mexico in the states of Guerrero, Puebla and Oaxaca which they paid tribute to the Aztec empire. A single story is People from Oaxaca are judge as lower ignorant class, short and dark skin. Another single story is Mixtec’s are filthy and lazy, they live like animals.


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