Totonaca indigenous…

Before I began conducting online research about the Totonaco Indigenous group i only knew that they existed a long time ago in the southern part of Mexico and that they spoke their own language and that they built pyramids, and they had their own religion and they had different gods then most people. And that some of them still live in some parts. but unfortunately  their population its minimal since in many places they are not accepted by today’s society.

Even though the Totonacas were a different culture for some people in today’s society they are ignorant people without any education, and only because they are not civilized like us its assumed that they are like animals only because they are not like us. in their culture they could be very smart because all they know. But they are not now since i been searching i can tell i was wrong because there is more about this people and only because they kept their culture it dose not mean they are ignorant.


The impacts of tourism in the culture are very positive because it teaches visiting people about other traditions and what things they do in other cultures. Traveling to veracruz and visiting El tajin and other places can be fun and very interesting to learn something different. it is a state full of culture, and traditions which is ethnocentric.