“Dance to Rain”

Totonaca is an indigenous group of people in Mexico; and they are geographically located in different states of the Mexican nation in; Distrito Federal, Puebla and Veracruz. Since the Totonacas are located in various places i will only be specific in one state which is Veracruz. Veracruz is known as Heroica Veracruz, this state is located in Eastern Mexico, it has significant share of the coastline of the gulf of Mexico. Veracruz has always interested me since I was a kid, when i was a kid i was taking folkloric dancing lessons since every state has its own statewide dress, music and dance. One of the themes was the dance from Veracruz, their dresses are so pretty and the type of music had a different rhythm then the one i was used to it. It also interested me because the indigenous groups in mexico like in Veracruz are part of the history of my country and some how it becomes a part of who I am.

Veracruz has a lot of history,and tourism one of the things I would love to see its the “Danza de los voladores de papantla”(Dance of the flyers). It is an ancient ritual still perfomed today,it consists of five man climbing a 30 meter pole which they are attached with a rope to the top part of the pole and they launch themselves to desend to the ground while the fith person on top of the pole dances and plays the flute and a drum. One of the totonac myth says that about 450 years ago there was severe hunger, the gods were withholding the rain, because the totonacs had forgotten their gods, so the ceremony was created to pleased the rain god and the god made rain and and earth gained fertility.

Outside of the city of Papantla were the Dance of the flyers take place, there is some amazing archaeological ruins, its believed to have once been a ceremonial and administrative center, the structures seem to resemble calendars, sacrifices were made here too. those are ruins i would love to visit and find out how people lived there, now it is an archeological site, but many people go to see. Another touristic activity is the “El carnaval de veracruz” before the carnival was invented the indigenous already had used masks and danced so the veracruzanos kept the tradition of wearing colorful dresses and masks they celebrate it for nine days, this carnival its one of the most important carnivals of the country because its the happiest one.

Veracruz Map Specific place in veracruz were the totonacs lived.

mexico map. Veracruz situated in the coast of the Mexican gulf.